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The story of how the village of Fatima received its name is retold by Friar Bernardino de Brito in his (1602): “In a surprise attack on Saint John’s Day in 1158, a Christian knight, Gonçalo Hermigues and his companions kidnapped a Moorish princess with the famous Arab name of Fatima.The knight took Fatima to a small village of the recently created Kingdom of Portugal, in the Serra de Aire hills.Angels are depicted as addressing the Blessed Mother and saying: “O Mary, God has chosen you, and purified you; He has chosen you above all the women of creation.” (Quran )(4) Above , or Lady.

When Saint Joseph asks Mary how Jesus was conceived without a father, this is how Mary answered: “Do you not know that God, when He created the wheat had no need of seed, and that God by His Power made the trees grow without the help of rain? ‘So be it, and it was done.” The Quran also describes the Annunciation, the Visitation, and the Nativity.Christians began the long slog of reconquering the peninsula with the Battle of Covadonga in 718 and would not retake their lands for another 700 years, when Ferdinand and Isabella completed the Reconquista in 1492, the year of Columbus.At the time when the Muslims were finally driven out of Portugal, the last Muslim chief had a beautiful daughter by the name of Fatima.The nineteenth chapter of the Quran alone contains forty-one verses on Jesus and Mary.

It makes such a robust defense of Mary’s virginity here that in the fourth book of the Quran, the condemnation of the Jews is attributed to their calumny against the Virgin Mary.The princess fell in love with the Christian knight and decided to become herself a Catholic, taking the name of Oureana.”(11) The young husband was so much in love with his wife that he changed the name of the town where he lived to Fatima.

Sper sa va placa si sa va foloseasca in cresterea spirituala.michelle malai viseaza! Ea are ca ndreptar predicarea cuvintelor lui Dumnezeu, tuturor oamenilor din lume, prin misiunea de literatura.… continue reading »

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They were often based in a small number of villages, usually with a common defence agreement; Viking ships, usually of the Knarr type, were light, and therefore easy to transport from village to village over land.… continue reading »

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The closest analog to a sociopath's love is probably the love of a child: intense, accepting, selfish.… continue reading »

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