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In response to Intel's latest Management Engine firmware updates, Gigabyte is in the process of updating the BIOS for its Q270, Q170, and X170-WS ECC series motherboards.The company has issued BIOS updates for motherboards equipped with X170, X150, B150, and B250 chipsets; updates for Q87, Q85, and B85 motherboards are currently in the works.Here are some common things you can do in most BIOS systems: Before updating BIOS, it's important to know what version is currently running on your computer.There are multiple ways to do this, from checking in the Windows Registry to installing a third-party program that will display the BIOS version.The vulnerability in question allows privilege escalation on an Intel PC with the AMT functionality enabled.However, what has made it dangerous is that Intel AMT can normally (as a feature) be accessed remotely due to its “out-of-band capabilities,” when the computer is shut down but still has access to electricity.Therefore, a sophisticated attacker may be able to cause significant damage to a PC or network by exploiting those powerful capabilities.Gigabyte encourages you to visit the product page for your motherboard to see if a BIOS update is available or to speak with a technical support team representative for assistance.

Saving these changes and restarting the computer applies the changes to the BIOS and alters the way BIOS instructs the hardware to function.

The BIOS is accessed and configured through the BIOS Setup Utility.

The BIOS Setup Utility is, for all reasonable purposes, the BIOS itself.

All available options in BIOS are configurable via the BIOS Setup Utility.

Unlike an operating system like Windows, which is often downloaded or obtained on a disc, and needs to be installed by the user or manufacturer, BIOS is pre-installed when the computer is purchased.BIOS instructs the computer on how to perform a number of basic functions such as booting and keyboard control.

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