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16-Jul-2017 19:23

I will explain to you where I've been, and let you follow me around while I do daily chores and get ready to have some company over later. I'm kind of drawing a blank as far as updates that don't include the cast!I still have the SLC kit and will definitely be getting that done as soon as possible, but in the meantime, tell me what you want to see!You can catch up-to-the-moment updates on my Twitter or Tumblr!Twitter: @sexyparagirl Tumblr: @sexyparashannon Member's Only February 9, 2017: Note from Sexy Para I will be posting at least one new update this weekend.I have had a request for a video of my legs in spasms, so I've been accumulating clips when that happens and will put them together and finish that this weekend!

It's so scary being this wobbly and my legs being much weaker than ever. JOIN NOW Member's Only April 22, 2017: Stretching Stretching, exercising, talking to you about it all. I do some crawling, and the end has a surprise bonus of tons of clonus spasms.

I am preparing for one last camping trip before it's too cold, and also rearranging my apartment, both of which I will be filming portions for you to watch.