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“No government official has EVER approached me about ‘fostering ties’ with any Americans,” she wrote.

Hall, the former CIA officer, said he was skeptical.

To the alarm of some in the GOP’s national security establishment, support in the party base f [Inside Trump’s financial ties to Russia and his unusual flattery of Vladimir Putin] The burgeoning alliance between Russians and U. conservatives was apparent in several events in late 2015, as the Republican nomination battle intensified.

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Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, has visited Moscow four times in four years, including a 2013 trip during which he testified before the Duma as Russia adopted a series of anti-gay laws.

“What I realized was that there was a great change happening in the former Soviet Union,” he said.

“There was a real puh to re-instill Christian values in the public square.” A significant shift has been underway in recent years across the Republican right.

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On issues including gun rights, terrorism and same-sex marriage, many leading advocates on the right who grew frustrated with their country’s leftward tilt under President Barack Obama have forged ties with well-connected Russians and come to see that country’s authoritarian leader, Vladimir Putin, as a potential ally.

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Alle Neugierigen dürfem den Gratis-Schnupperkurs im Salsatanz besuchen.… continue reading »

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Details Folgende Schwerpunkte sind für die Veranstaltung geplant: • die Struktur der Einführungsphase • Modifikationen der Qualifikationsphase • Neu definierte und hinzugefügte Operatoren (gültig ab ZA 2021) • Aufgaben der Fachkonferenz Die Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer bringen bitte je ein Exemplar des Kerncurriculum Geschichte gymnasiale Oberstufe in der alten und der neuen Version mit. Geschichte: Multiperspektivität/Fremdverstehen im bilingualen Geschichtsunterricht (9/10 und Sek II). Politik: Arbeit mit dem überarbeiteten KC anhand konkreter Unterrichtsreihen.… continue reading »

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