Corp standings not updating

05-Oct-2017 06:43

This will open up that players corporate information sheet.

Choose the "Standings" tab - then the Relationship Tab - right mouse click the corps name under your view and you will see the edit standing menu pop up.

Now that you have your first corporation created and you are ready to manage your new corp, there are a few things you should understand and do immediately before adding even one member. Trust is a HIGH factor issue in eve's corporation management tools.

Therefore take these next pieces of info to heart, even if you trust your friends at a high level.1.

This is not to be confused with "Corporation Offices and Hangars". Once you have created your corporation, you will then need to still rent a office/hangar from a station.

Preferably, you should set up in a system where you are working, be that mining ore or missions are what not.

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Review all tools within the corporation menu concerning hangars and roles and grantable roles.Starting Skills Armor Corporation Management Drones Electronic Systems Engineering Fleet Support Gunnery Missiles Navigation Neural Enhancement Planet Management Production Resource Processing Rigging Scanning Science Shields Social Spaceship Command Structure Management Subsystems Targeting Trade This skill category is trained by people who want be involved with creating and managing player owned corporations.Running a well-oiled operation is a fine art, and these skills are your brushes.A corp may fight as many approved wars that it chooses to Corporations shares are primarily only used at this time to vote within a corporation.

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If a player is given shares to a corporation, he is now allowed to vote during any corporation voting action such as going to War or CEO leadership and other things.

To leave a corporation you first must remove all corporation roles (if you have any) and then wait 24 hours.