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more jaded, and having pulled up 2 Girls 1 Cup for our elderly relatives to watch during the quiet bits of a family wedding, we can no longer be shocked, nor are things like lesbian kisses or teen pregnancy the scandalous events they once were.The Very Special Episode in the 21st century would have to go to some lengths to rouse any parent into looking up from their phone, let alone cause an outbreak of sombre reflection in the living rooms of America."This is the social equivalent to Zeerust.Many works set in the future presume that people in the future will have the same social mores and values as they do in the present, excepting a few superficial changes in order to facilitate the plot, demonstrate the foreignness/"futureness" of the setting, or satisfy Author Appeal.

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If he or she does something that is clearly wrong, they will find a way to turn it back around on you. They will even tell you this if they get the chance. The police have always been out to get them even though they never do anything wrong.

You might want to go to the movies–your partner will make sure you go out to dinner instead. He or she might even brag about the fact that they have left a trail of tears behind them.