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The borough ordered Jasmine Salon to close last year after a police investigation revealed allegedly illegal activities on the premises, but the establishment remained open and was fined.

Jasmine has since has its business licence revoked, as well as the licences of seven other companies in the borough.

A Montreal borough is shutting down massage parlours that engage in the sex trade.

Officials with the Rosemont-La Petite Patrie borough are notifying the companies involved that they must close.

She has an acting gig lined up ("Maleficent 2") but the years-long work of directing has for now been tabled.

"I've needed to take over a year off just to be with my kids," Jolie says.

My little boy who's nine said he wants to train me because he thinks I'm out of shape.

So maybe I'll just be working with my children," says Jolie, joking but also delighted about the idea: a close-knit, globe-trotting clan of moviemaking adventurers, schooled in classrooms in Cambodian rice fields and African plains. " Ung, 47, came to Vermont from a refugee camp in Thailand as a 10-year-old.

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There was nothing to do but wear it." But Jolie's latest film, the powerfully immersive Cambodian genocide drama "First They Killed My Father," represents a kind of amalgamation of Jolie's multifarious life.

"I asked Maddox and Pax if they'd work with me again.

I think all the kids eventually want to do something.

"All I've done is some of my humanitarian work and my teaching. Now that they're all older, the decisions really have to be made together because they home school and they'll be with me and they have a lot of opinions about what to do." Now that her children are getting older, Jolie hopes that the other children will work with her, too.

But, she assures, Maddox had to work hard, and wouldn't have earned a credit if he didn't.

"They thought what I was wearing was too revealing." It's just another example of the extreme balancing act of Jolie's life, one which combines global celebrity with humanitarian devotion, A-list stardom with sober filmmaking, glamour and family.